Cosmopolitan & Prosecco doc Rosé
A Cosmopolitan is a vodka based world- famous alcoholic cocktail officially recognized by the International Bartenders Association. In this Prosecco Doc Rosé based version, it is a bit drier makes a great fresh aperitif.


Passerina: the grape and the Brut sparkling wine
Passerina grape variety Passerina is a native white grape variety of central Italy. Nowadays it is common mostly between Marche and Abruzzo, but its exact origin is disputed between Marche and the province of Frosinone. The origin of this name is rather curious. In fact, it seems that Passerina comes from the Italian name of the sparrows (passeri) which are greedy for its small grapes. It is also known under different synonyms, which has contributed to the uncertainty about its origin. Numerous researchers have studied its identity and to date its historical origins remain uncertain. Known by various names, such as “Pagadebito Gentile“, “Campolese” and “Uva Passera”, Passerina is a name given to those grapes which have small berries often without pips. Passerina wine and its features Passerina grape gives still, fresh and fragrant white wines. Passerina still white wine has a straw yellow colour with bright golden reflections. The aromas that compose its rich and complex bouquet are apricot, peach, white flowers, hints of citrus and minerals. The mouthfeel is dry and at the same time delicate, with a good persistence. Rocca dei Forti Passerina Brut Sparkling Wine It is a brut sparkling wine which comes from the selection of white wines obtained from the vinification of Passerina grapes through the Charmat or Martinotti method at a controlled temperature. Rocca dei Forti Passerina Brut Sparkling Wine: tasting notes The colour of this wine is light yellow with greenish reflection. The aroma is intense and fruity with hints of wood and...