Smoked swordfish carpaccio with apple and rocket salad
A special and light fish appetizer: an elegant way to start off a fish meal. Its fresh taste makes this swordfish with apple and rocket salad the perfect dish in the fine weather, but its summery flavor will bring back some sun and sea even in the greyest of months!


Non-alcoholic aperitifs with Alcohol Free
The aperitif is a moment of conviviality and union that is much loved by Italians. Nothing beats an aperitifs after a long day of work, telling each other the news of the week or spending a moment of lightness in the company of your partner. Over the last few years, in addition to the classic aperitif with alcoholic drinks, the phenomenon of non-alcoholic aperitifs at home has become popular, with the use of non-alcoholic cocktails, the so-called mocktails. What does mocktail mean? The name comes from two words: “mock” and “cocktail” and is used to identify all drinks without alcohol that can be drunk from aperitif to late evening. The non-alcoholic cocktails are the ideal solution for people who don’t drink and for all those who cannot drink alcohol for religious reasons, for health reasons or simply because they have to drive. Alcohol Free: the ideal sparkling wine for non-alcoholic aperitifs The mixology world finds a precious ally in sparkling wines. Over the last few years Rocca dei Forti, to meet an ever-wider demand for non-alcoholic cocktails, has decided to focus on a sparkling wine that could be the perfect base for the creation of cocktails without alcohol: Alcohol Free. Rocca dei Forti Alcohol Free: why is it the ideal base for non-alcoholic cocktails? It has a bright straw yellow colour and an intense, floral, and fruity aroma. The mouthfeel is fresh, persistent, and lively. The perlage is fine and persistent. Rocca dei Forti Alcohol Free is a non-alcoholic drink obtained from the carbonation of grape must. It is born from a careful process aimed at maintaining...